Sunny Health Under Desk Elliptical Review of 2021

The Sunny SF-E3872 Magnetic under Desk Elliptical is one of the leading inexpensive fitness equipment on the market. Sunny Health & Fitness is a bright name in the fitness equipment world. It always brings quality products, this under desk elliptical is no exception. This Sunny mini elliptical is an ideal option for people looking for a budget elliptical for home or office use. Let’s have a look at this Sunny Health under Desk Elliptical Review-

Overall Rating- 89%



One of the most popular under desk elliptical across the world. It comes with some all features you expect from an under-desk/ mini elliptical. This elliptical is very useful for the people who works on the desk for a long period everyday.

The Pros

  • Compact Design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Carry Handle
  • 8 Levels Resistance
  • Little Maintenance
  • Useable Anywhere
  • Less Expensive
  • Long lasting
  • Light-weight

The Cons

  • Little Warranty on Parts
  • Not a High Calorie Burner

The Pros

  • Compact Design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Carry Handle
  • 8 Levels Resistance
  • Little Maintenance
  • Useable Anywhere
  • Less Expensive
  • Long lasting
  • Light-weight

The Cons

  • Little Warranty on Parts
  • Not a High Calorie Burner

Product Specs

Dimension24.2 lb
Resistance Level8
Foot pedalsNon-slip
Carry HandleYes
Operation SoundAlmost Silent
Weight Capacity220lb
Target MusclesLower Body
Digital MonitorSpeed, time, distance, and calories
Amazon Best Seller Rank20 in Ellipticals

Sunny Under Desk Elliptical Key Features

This Sunny under desk elliptical comes with some great features that make this mini elliptical better than most other mini elliptical trainers.

Built Quality

Its steel frame and base plate offer sturdiness. This is why your weight won’t be an issue and you can use it for a long time.


The sunny under-desk elliptical’s footprint is 24″L x 19″W and the top is 11 inches above the floor. Therefore, this fitness machine will be a good fit under the desk. You can even store it under the bed. So, small spaces wouldn’t be a headache for you.

Foot Pedals

One of the good aspects of this under-desk elliptical is its foot pedals. It can accommodate shoes of any size. The inner and rear guards ensure more foot stability that allows you workout confidently.


Although the stride length of this elliptical isn’t praiseworthy, it’s more than enough for seated elliptical workouts.

Resistance Levels

This elliptical features 8 levels of resistance. It isn’t standard, but you perhaps don’t expect much resistance levels in an under desk elliptical. People use under desks or standing ellipticals for light-impact exercise.


The flywheel of this elliptical is 3.52 LB that is fairly good on a mini elliptical. It helps improve blood circulation and lower body muscles. It also removes joint issues.

Fitness Meter

The sunny SF-e3872 elliptical is equipped with a battery-powered fitness meter. You can use the meter easily by pressing a button that allows you to see the necessary info on the display. It has an automatic power-off option that helps save the battery.

Sunny Under Desk Elliptical Benefits

Almost Silent Workout

Excessive sound during the workout is such a thing that can irritate you so much. The good news is Sunny magnetic under desk elliptical is almost silent while operating which helps you focus on the exercise.

Easy Assembly

It’s an uninteresting thing to assemble the equipment that you bring to your home. This elliptical is fully assembled, so you just unbox the machine and start pedaling.

Easy to Maintain

In general, elliptical machines for home use requires minimal maintenance. As this is a mini elliptical, you needn’t do anything in terms of maintenance. You can lubricate the joints and the flywheel for keeping your fitness machine smoother for long period.


Both Standing and Seated Workout

You can exercise standing or seated as per your need and choice. This is a super cool feature for improving the lower body.

Carry Handle

Another cool thing about this elliptical is its built-in carry handle. It allows you to carry your equipment where you want.

Where Should You Use an under-desk/mini Elliptical?

The main reason why people prefer under desk ellipticals is it is usable in office, home, outdoor and anywhere they want. What’s better than burning calories while doing official works or personal engagement?

Where to Buy Sunny Under Desk Elliptical?

It’s super easy and simple to buy sunny ellipticals. You need to visit and order. You’ll receive your fitness trainer shortly.

You know how popular is amazon thought the world. Millions of people buy their desired products on amazon. You can also do so.

Final Thought

If you’re a health-conscious guy and it’s hard to manage a particular time to exercise, and under-desk elliptical is a good option for you.

In this regard, I’ll suggest you buy a quality mini elliptical otherwise you might feel frustrated. If you want a quality under desk elliptical spending less money, you can buy this sunny under desk elliptical.

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