Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1877 Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1877 cycling bike is one of the best cycling bikes to get a low impact lower body fitness workout at the mid-level budget launched by the Sunny Health & Fitness company. This amazing cycling bike is excellent for beginners who want to have a decent level of fitness workout at home at an affordable price. Almost all the features are included with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877 cycling bike to ensure you a low-impact lower body fitness workout. In this Sunny SF-B1877 review, I will try to discuss all the key factors to choose this cycling bike. Let’s have close look-

Sunny SF-1877 Review in Detail

Key features and benefits

Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-B1877 cycling bike is excellent durable fitness equipment that can be tension-free because of its strong body construction and frame. The full body of the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877  is made of steel. The frame of this equipment combines oval and rectangular tubes. Its curved main longitudinal bar improves more sturdiness for the betterment of your fitness workout.

You will find that the Sunny Health and Fitness SF B1877 is fully painted to get rid of the corrosion. There is a decent perimeter-weighted flywheel integrated with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-1877 cycling bike. It is approximately 29 pounds. This flywheel is so strong and durable that it can be useful in many ways.

Foot pedals

If you want to have a satisfying fitness workout from a cycling bike then you need a decent pedaling experience from the equipment. To make your pedaling experience smooth and comfortable, you also need a good quality of foot pedals as well as smooth resistance.

The Sunny SF-B1877 cycling bike provides you two caged foot pedals for more steadiness while your workout. The caged body of the pedals ensures you anti-slip gripping while pedaling the equipment. The magnetic resistance also makes the pedaling experience super smooth and comfortable. You can burn lots of calories by pedaling the equipment faster within a short period.

Handlebar and Pulse Sensors

SF-B1877 cycling bike accommodates a curved handlebar including pulse sensors. The handlebar is so much steady that you will face no problem while gripping the handlebar of the equipment. Also, the handlebar is two-way adjustable. You can adjust it up and down as your desire. Turning the knob locating under the handlebar, you can customize the height of it.

You will also find heart rate sensors equipped with the handlebar of the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877 cycling bike. These sensors track your heart rate while your work out. But reading the heart rate sensors is not super accurate as you expect usually. Considering the price of the equipment, this lack is acceptable.

Adjustable Seat

Sunny SF-B1877 cycling bike comes with a 4-way adjustable seat having high-density foam material. This makes the seat more comfortable for the user. You can move the seat horizontally and vertically also. If you need a little height then you can move the seat downward and if you need a big height then you can move the seat upward. Moreover, you can move the seat frontward and backward for your workout purposes. I think this excellent feature will make you happy from the budget consideration.


The SF-B1877 provides you super-smooth comfortable magnetic resistance system. The perimeter weighted flywheel creates magnetic resistance when it comes closer to the brake pad. Increasing the resistance level you can make your workout hard and burn more calories at a time. To customize the resistance level, you have to turn the tension knob located upon the main longitudinal bar clockwise and anticlockwise.

 Being a noise-free resistance system, you can watch videos and listen to music while your work out. Also, it will not make any disturbance to others during your fitness workout. One noticeable thing is that the magnetic resistance levels are not specified.


There is a decent console provided with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-1877 cycling bike. The console is having a little good readable LCD monitor to show the workout stats like time, speed, distance,  odometer, RPM, heart rate, and calories burning. But the LCD monitor is not backlit that you cannot see the display in a low light condition. Otherwise, the display is having good quality features.

There is a mode button under the display of the console. You can customize the settings by pressing the mode button. If you keep the machine inactive for around 4 minutes then you will notice that the console turns automatically off. To power the console, 2AAA batteries are equipped with the bike. Another missing point of the console is that there are no pre-installed workout programs. So you can make a workout routine to make your workout experience pleasant. 

Stability and Transport

Sunny Health and Fitness cycling bikes are including two strong stabilizer bars to ensure decent stability during your fitness training. The most enjoyable thing is that the stabilizer bars are two-way adjustable to make your workout beautiful.

Customizing the height of the stabilizer bars, you also can have your workout on an uneven floor at your home. This is quite amazing if you figure out the price of the equipment. The front stabilizer bar is also having two transport wheels to relocate the equipment anywhere at your home. You can easily move the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-1877 cycling bike using these transport wheels.

Device Holder

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877 cycling bike is including a device holder beside the console. You can keep your smartphone and tablet there and watch videos and listen to music during your workout. It is also having a bottle holder to keep the water pot.

Dimension and Weight

Sunny Health and Fitness B1877  bike is midsized fitness equipment. The total dimension of the equipment is 48.8″X20.1″ X 58″. It is having a weight of 83 pounds which is not so heavy. It is also capable of bearing 265 pounds of user weight at a time. The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-1877 cycling bike is a decent workout machine for your home gym.

Warranty and Price

The Sunny SF-B1877 cycling bike is offering you 3 years of warranty for your fitness training. It is so much affordable compared to the other equipment having the same features. You will get the cycling bike for under $450 only. I think this price range is so much getable for almost everyone.


SF-B1877 cycling bike comes with almost preassembled. It will take only 20-30 minutes to fully assemble the equipment. By following the instructions of the manual, you can do this job more easily.

Final verdict

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877 cycling bike is an excellent fitness machine for your home gym. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are many within only $450. So if you become pleased with the features of the equipment then you can take your decision to purchase it without any hesitation.

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