How Do You Choose The Best Under Desk Elliptical?

An under-desk elliptical is one of the most effective fitness equipment at a low cost. If you’re planning to buy the best under desk elliptical but are confused about which one to choose, this article will make your decision easier. In this piece of writing, I included A to Z of choosing the right under desk elliptical. I hope, after reading this, you’ll feel good to pick an under desk elliptical that suits your needs best.

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What is an under desk elliptical?

An under desk elliptical is a small fitness machine that allows you to exercise while sitting, standing, or even working.

These machines have no handles and the pedals are stationary with the only moving parts being those that move back and forth as you walk or run. This fitness equipment is very useful to people tied up with work and hardly can exercise. If you’re one of them and desire a daily workout, an under desk elliptical can be a great fit for you.

Is under desk elliptical good for you?

If you stand at your office desk throughout the day (or many times during the day) then an under desk elliptical is perfect for you. On contrary, if you need to take breaks from sitting, using one of these machines would be a fantastic way to get some exercise in without wasting time or leaving your desk.

When you do not like to invest a good amount of money in any conventional elliptical machine, then these mini elliptical machines should be your first choice.

An under desk mini elliptical is a very low-impact exercise machine that helps strengthen the muscles in your legs, ankles, and feet. It can also help you get into better shape overall by strengthening your heart and lungs.

So, if you want cost-efficient fitness equipment that helps you achieve your fitness goal an under desk elliptical is good for you.

Are all under desk ellipticals created equally?

The under desk ellipticals differ greatly in many areas including price, ease of use, comfort level while working, and your fitness goal.

You need to know about different under desk elliptical machines so you get the one that fits your needs perfectly. I’ll discuss it later in this article.

Benefits of Under Desk Elliptical

An under desk elliptical is a great way to get in shape and complete your work tasks at the same time. They are a low-impact exercise machine and provide many benefits to your body and mind while using it over an extended time. Here are some of the benefits of under desk elliptical –

Strength Training

One of the biggest benefits of an under desk elliptical is that it strengthens leg, ankle, and foot muscles. Many studies have shown that if you strengthen these muscles in your legs, it is a great way to improve overall flexibility and mobility.

Weight Loss

Another benefit of using an under desk elliptical is that it will help you get into better shape by losing your extra weight. These machines are designed to give you an effective low-impact workout that helps burn calories, which is especially good for people who are not able to do high-impact exercises.


The under desk elliptical also helps stretch and expand your muscles, which will give you more overall flexibility and range of motion.

Ease of use

Many of the best desk ellipticals come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to properly use the machine while completing your work tasks. So, you won’t find yourself in difficulty using it. If you’re a beginner and look for an easy-to-use elliptical machine, an under desk seated or standing elliptical is the right one for you.


Working out with an under-desk elliptical also helps improve your overall mood and can provide a calming effect while you do your daily tasks. This is due to the increased levels of endorphins in your body from exercising, which will make you feel better mentally and physically.

Smooth Movement

Another great benefit of using an under-desk elliptical is that they are designed to move your legs in a natural and smooth motion. Many people who have used these mini ellipticals regularly for long periods say it feels very similar to walking or running. That said, if you’re looking to improve your speed or workout with quick bursts of movement, an under desk elliptical is probably not the best choice.

Improve Your Work Posture

Using an under desk elliptical while working on a computer can help improve your posture while you’re at work. This will give your back and neck muscles a much-needed break from the position they are forced into while sitting all day.

Types of Under Desk Ellipticals:

Under the desk ellipticals come in different styles depending on one different purpose. Here are the types –

Upright Under Desk Elliptical

An upright under desk elliptical sits directly on top of your work surface and has handles for you to grip onto while exercising.

Treadmill Under Desk Elliptical

A treadmill style is usually placed in front of your work surface and typically stays stationary while you use it. They provide a place where you can place your keyboard and monitor directly in front of the machine, which allows for easy access to both areas while using it.

Adjustable Under Desk Elliptical

Many of the best under desk ellipticals are designed to be adjustable, which allows the user to control the intensity of their workout. This is great for people who want to slowly ease themselves into using this machine over an extended period.

Wireless Under Desk Elliptical

Many newer models are making these machines wireless so you can easily move them to the most convenient location for your needs.

Mini Under Desk Elliptical

If you’re looking for an even more compact way to work out while you do your daily tasks, some under-desk ellipticals are manufactured with this goal in mind.

feet and has handlebars for you to grasp onto while exercising. The other style is a monitor stand that allows you to place your monitor and keyboard in front of it, which provides easy access to both items while exercising.

Choosing The Right Under Desk Elliptical For You

It can sometimes be a challenge to find an under desk elliptical that works well and is also comfortable to use while at your desk.

There are a few things to consider before making your purchase:


Take the dimensions of your desk and compare them with those of each machine you’re considering buying so you can confirm that the unit will fit on top of it. Also, check to see if there is room for storage underneath it when not in use. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to find somewhere else in your home or office to store it.


Compare each under desk elliptical’s price with its competitors so you can determine which one is right for your budget.


You may not notice this feature when using an under desk elliptical machine but it could be crucial if you’re using it for an extended time. Your comfort should be the number one priority when looking at different models, so look for under desk elliptical machines that are easy on your feet and ankles.


Although it’s not the most important factor, you may consider aesthetics if you want to keep your new machine in view at your desk.

When using an under desk elliptical machine, you may be tempted to place it directly on the floor if there isn’t enough room for it on top of your desk. Although this seems logical, you really shouldn’t do so because not only can it scratch or otherwise damage your flooring but it can also cause injuries. To be on the safe side, it’s best to put your elliptical machine on top of a sturdy and flat piece of furniture.

Be sure to read under desk elliptical reviews and if possible, ask other users about their experiences with different under desk elliptical machines so you can get an idea of what they do and don’t like about them. You may also want to consult your doctor or physical therapist to find out which type of machine they’d recommend for your needs.

You’ll need some time to break in an under desk elliptical machine before you start using it for extended periods, so don’t plan on sitting at your desk while also exercising the first few weeks after you buy one. You want to make sure you get used to using the machine before pushing yourself too hard while exercising at your desk because doing so can increase your risk of injury.

Once you’ve tried out different under desk elliptical machines and determined which one is right for you, be sure to treat it well. Store it in a safe place when not in use and always wipe it down with a dry cloth before using it to remove any dust or dirt particles.

Getting Started When Using an Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Once you’ve purchased an under-desk elliptical machine and set it up at your desk, you’ll want to follow these steps every time before starting your workout: 1) Set the tension level, 2) Enter your weight, and 3) Enter your stride length.

Setting Up Your Under Desk Elliptical Machine

The first thing you’ll need to do once you’ve assembled the under desk elliptical machine is set the tension level. If you’re using a manual model, there will be a knob or lever that allows you to change it. On an electronic machine, you’ll typically use a button or other control to make the change. It’s best to start at a lower setting and work your way up as you improve and strengthen your muscles.

Entering Your Personal Data

Once the tension level has been set, enter your weight and stride length. You may want to put these numbers into your elliptical machine’s computer before you start using it so they’re there when you need them. Your stride length is how far you’ll move your legs in one complete movement, so to determine yours simply measure the distance from where your heel touches the floor to where it leaves it at its furthest point. Next, subtract four inches from this number if you plan to use the machine with shoes on, but if not then do not subtract anything.

Working Out With Your Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Before getting started, always warm-up at a low intensity for five minutes . Then increase the tension level and resistance so it matches your workout intensity. If you’re just starting, aim for a rate of perceived exertion of at least three out of ten, but you can always adjust this later on. Use your entire body while exercising, not just your legs.

Although it’s sometimes difficult to work in a full workout while using an under desk elliptical machine because most models are smaller than standard ones, aim for about 10-20 minutes of exercise per day when using one. A good beginner workout involves alternating between thirty seconds of fast-paced movement and thirty seconds of slower or resting movement. For example, try pedaling for 30 seconds with your right leg while your left arm moves, then repeat this pattern but with the opposite limbs.

An hour-long workout is usually enough to burn between 200 and 400 calories, but it will depend on your weight.

Don’t forget to take a five-minute break in between each half-hour of exercise. During this time you can get up from your desk and walk around or do another activity that doesn’t require sitting at your desk. You can also place an alarm on your computer or another device to remind you to take these breaks.

Expert Tips for Using an Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Using an elliptical machine at your desk isn’t complicated, but if you’re new to it there are some important things you’ll need to keep in mind. One of the most important is to make sure that whatever surface you situate your under desk elliptical machine on is sturdy and won’t move.

Another thing to take into consideration when you use an under-desk elliptical machine for exercising while working at your desk is the number of cords you’ll be tripping over. If possible, position yourself near a power outlet so there’s less chance you’ll get tangled up in wires.

If you’re using an automatic under desk elliptical machine, then when you stop pedaling it will automatically go into rest mode so there’s no need to turn it off. If your machine isn’t one of these models, though, always remember to turn it off once you’ve finished exercising.

Final Thought

The under desk elliptical is one of the most beneficial workout machines in recent times. It helps in maintaining your heart rate, strengthening leg muscles, and even burning fat sitting on a desk. But it becomes difficult to use them without any guidance or observation. We have found the best under desk elliptical for you to make working out easier while using the machine at a desk.

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