The Best Elliptical Under $300 You can Buy in 2022

Looking for the best elliiptical under $300? Then this article might be useful for you.The popularity of elliptical machines is rising rapidly around the world because they’re very useful to get fit and lose weight. Another reason to love the elliptical machine is it has zero or low impact on the joints. Therefore, you’ll enjoy injury-free exercise with an elliptical trainer.

Many people go to gyms for their elliptical workouts. But nowadays a large number of elliptical users love to have an elliptical for home use.
In fact, why will you go to the gym, when there’re a lot of elliptical machines available? Even, you’ll find the best ellipticals under $200 to $300 .
In this elliptical review article, we’ll show you all the possible factors to choose the best ellipticals under $300 for home use.

Top 5 Best Ellipticals Under 300 Dollars:


Our Rating


Body Champ 3-in-1 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn A40 Elliptical 

Efitment E005 Magnetic Elliptical 

Sunny Health & Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical 

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical 

 Best Elliptical Under $300 Reviews:

1. Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer 

The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer Plus Two BRT7989 is a piece of excellent fitness equipment that combines an elliptical machine, a recumbent bike and an upright bike. If you want to experience various types of workouts and you are looking for the best elliptical for under 300 dollars, then the Body Champ 3-in-1 trio trainer will be an excellent choice for you. You can get a decent workout operation from this fitness trainer at an affordable price.

Body construction

The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer is made of plastic and steel. Some parts have plastic, and some parts are metallic. Spite this fitness machine has a decent durability. But if you want premium durability from this equipment, it cannot satisfy you. Considering the price and given features, it is acceptable. The steel parts come with a paint finish to prevent rust.

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Foot Pedals And Stride Length

The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer includes two well-textured foot pedals to prevent your feet slippage during the workout. Every pedal has two different parts for different workout experiences. When you want to use this machine as an elliptical, you have to use the bottom part of the pedal. And when you want to use this fitness trainer as a workout bike, you have to use the front reclined part of the pedal. These amazing foot pedals help you take both elliptical workout experience and fitness bike workout experience. Here the stride length of the Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer is only 12 inches. It’s a shorter stride than the other equipment in the same budget range. If you are tall enough, you cannot expect effective pedaling from this fitness trainer. Usually, 18-20 inch stride length is perfect for all. But here you may become a little disappointed.

Adjustable Seat

It has a comfortable two-way adjustable cushioned foam padded seat with reclined backrest. You can adjust the seat up-down and front-back. So If you are tall or small, you will feel such comfort while sitting on the equipment. When your back touches the backrest, you can use this fitness trainer as a recumbent bike. Moreover, you can use this machine as an upright fitness bike while sitting on the seat straight.

Handlebars And Pulse Sensors

This Trio Trainer offers you three impressive sets of rubber gripped handlebars that are amazing. One set of fixed handlebars and one set of moving handlebars are located on the front part of the equipment. The moving handlebars are attached to the foot pedals. So if you pedal the machine, the moving handlebars move automatically. The static front handlebars have pulse sensors equipped with them. When you need only a lower body workout, you have to hold the static handlebars and pedal. There is also another set of static handlebars attached to the seat. You can hold them, too, while taking a recumbent bike workout.

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This 3-in-1 elliptical has a large, easy-to-read digital LCD console with 21 different workout programs. The console monitor shows you workout data as like: time, speed, distance, heart rate and calorie burning. So you may face problems seeing the monitor in a low light condition. Considering the price, you have to cope with it.


The Body Champ Trio Trainer has eight levels of variable magnetic resistance with a superfluidity flywheel which provides ultra-quiet motion. You can control the intensity of the resistance via the console. If you want an intense workout, you need to increase the resistance level and carry on pedaling. Intense pedaling burns more fats during a workout. Moreover, ultra-smooth motion helps you remove your joint, ankle and hips injuries by producing a zero impact fitness workout.

Dimension And Weight

This Trio Trainer is approximately 64x28x64 inches. The most crucial point is that it saves space by combining three types of workout equipment. It weighs about 110 pounds. It also can take approximately 250 pounds user weight once. We can say that it hasn’t premium durability, but it is durable enough for home use.


There is a media shelf located on the console of the Body Champ Trio Trainer. If you are a song lover or video lover, you can listen to a song or watch videos by keeping your smartphone or tablet on the built-in media shelf during your fitness workout. The smooth, noise-free pedaling operation will cause no disturbance at this time. Consequently, your workout will be more pleasant to you.

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Stability And Transport

The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer has two durable; decent rubber gripped stabilizer bars to ensure the best stability. The rare base bar includes two transport wheels to relocate this equipment efficiently. So you don’t need to be so vital to do that.

Price And Warranty

You can purchase the Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer at a very affordable price though having some fantastic features. You need to pay about 500$ to purchase this incredible equipment. The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer company gives you one year warranty since purchasing.


The Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio Trainer remains almost pre-installed. You don’t need to expend much time to assemble it fully. It will take approximately more than 1 hour just. By reading and following the instructions given with the manual, you can quickly assemble the Body Champ Trio Trainer plus Two BRT7989.


The Body Champ Trio Trainer has a lot of advantages. It has some lack also. If you want a decent fitness machine with different varieties for the home gym, then it can be a good choice for you. You are considering all the pros and cons you can decide whether you will buy the equipment or not.

2. Schwinn A40 Elliptical

Schwinn A40 Elliptical is considered as one of the best ellipticals under 300 dollars. Though anyone can use it, this low impact elliptical is perfect for beginners and mid-level users. It would be a great buy for you while you desire a quality elliptical at this low cost.

Schwinn A40 Pros-

  • 17.5″ stride Length
  • Larger LCD console
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Comfortable handles
  • 7 preloaded workout programs
  • Mobile and fixed handlebars
  • Oversized stabilizers
  • Media tray, Water bottle holder, and speakers included
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to assemble

The Cons

  • Wireless chest strap not included
  • Poor warranty period

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

One of the good aspects of this elliptical under is its build quality. It’s a piece of heavy and steady equipment that has user capacity up to 275 lbs. You generally don’t find such a build quality at this low price range.


The console of A40 is decent at this low price. It has LCD screen that allows you to see your workout data like RMP, time, distance, speed, calories burned, etc.

Magnetic Resistance

This elliptical comes with 8 magnetic resistance that is suitable for beginners, midlevel users. But if you expect an elliptical with 16 resistance levels, it would better to look for the best ellipticals under $1000 like Schwinn 430 Elliptical.

Stride Length

A40 comes with a 17.5″ stride length that is suitable for people with up to 6′ height. This stride length is pretty good at this price point.

Almost Silent Operation

Many budget ellipticals produce the unbearable sound that turns your workout into unenjoyable and irritating as well. But A40 offers you almost silent operation. It would be a great job to lubricate the parts after every 2-3 months for silent workouts for a longer period.


This elliptical is easy to assemble. We suggest you read the assembly instructions provided with the equipment attentively before starting to assemble. It might take about an hour to get the job done.


The Schwinn A40 elliptical offers you an excellent warranty that includes 2 years on frame, 6 months on electronics. But the warranty on wear parts is only 30 days.

Final Thought

Schwinn A40 comes with many features and benefits at this price point. We would like to recommend this budget elliptical if you’re confused to choose the best elliptical under 300 USD for you. We hope this elliptical will give you great workout experience.

3. Efitment E005 Magnetic Elliptical

The Efitment E005 Magnetic Elliptical is such an elliptical that might make you happy, if you look for the best elliptical  trainer under $300.

Features and Benefits

Small Space Needed

This low-cost elliptical trainer features a small footprint that allows you to set this equipment in a small space. Though it’s a small fitness machine, it’s so heavy. Therefore, this elliptical machine has a maximum weight capacity.

Stride Length

Efitment E005 Elliptical has an 11″ stride length, so if you’re extra taller, you shouldn’t choose this elliptical.


This elliptical comes with a heavy flywheel that gives you smoother motion.

Standard Foot Pedals

One of the good aspects to choose this fitness machine is its pretty standard pedals that can weigh up to 220 lbs.

Two-Type Handlebars

E005 Magnetic elliptical trainer has both mobile and fixed handlebars. So, you’ll enjoy comfortable workouts.

Digital Console

Efitment E005 comes with the latest digital console with EKG sensors. Therefore, you can see all workout info like the time, speed, calorie burned, heart rate, etc.

Magnetic Resistance

It has magnetic resistance with 8 levels. So, you can change the difficulty levels when you do a workout that makes your exercise more fruitful.

Device Holder

Another good thing on this elliptical is it’s equipped with a tablet holder. Therefore, you can place your tab and watch your favorite workout video, movie, or listen to any music. This makes your workout more enjoyable.

It would be greater if this machine includes a USB port and online connectivity. But to be very honest this is rare at this price range. It’s better to look for these features on a little bit expensive ellipticals.

Efitment E005 Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly process of this is really simple and easy, as the internal parts are assembled by the manufacturer. You need to assemble the parts like the console mast, the base tubes, and the console. It’ll take nearly half an hour to get done the assembly process.

In terms of maintenance, you needn’t be worried, as it requires very little maintenance. You should clean the dust and sometimes use lubricants the joints.

Efitment E005 Elliptical –Pros

  • Sporty style
  • Sturdy construction
  • LCD display
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance;
  • Transport wheels;
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base;
  • Mobile and fixed handlebars;
  • EKG pulse sensors
  • Heavy and balanced flywheel
  • Larger and durable pedals;
  • Silent operation;
  • Easy assembly;
  • Decent Warranty;
  • Little maintenance is needed.

The Cons-

  • USB port not included;
  • No online connectivity.

Final Thought

The Efitment E005 Magnetic Elliptical comes with all important features that makes your workout really effective and enjoyable. This elliptical is undoubtedly one of the best ellipticals under $300. Hopefully, this cheap elliptical satisfy you.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical

Sunny Health and Fitness 2 in 1 is one of the most popular ellipticals under 300 dollars. This low priced sunny elliptical is a versatile equipment for a cardio workout. This Sunny 2 in 1 upright bike elliptical is suitable for home use.

Magnetic Resistance

The sunny 2 in 1 elliptical comes with magnetic resistance that gives you smoother operation.

Adjustable seat

It has an adjustable seat that makes your workout comfortable.

There is an adjustable tension option that gives you different workout intensity; this is one of the most important features of this sunny upright bike.

Sitting and standing

You can use this machine while you stand or sit. This is a pretty useful option for enjoyable workouts.

Digital Monitor

This machine has an LCD display option that allows you to see workout stats like time, speed, distance, and calorie burned.

Excellent Flywheel

When you want the best elliptical under $300, you need to consider the flywheel of the machine. The good news for you that there is a standard flywheel with this elliptical bike. The flywheel of this fitness machine gives you both forward and reverse motion that gives you a smoother cardio workout experience.

Foot Pedals

This Sunny elliptical bike is equipped with the non-skid pedals that allow you to place your feet comfortably. So, your workout will be secure.

Sturdy Frame and Parts

This best cheap elliptical comes with a steel made sturdy frame. This strong and long-lasting machine’s dimension allows you to keep the machine in any place at your home. Therefore, you can exercise with this bike in any room you like.

Stride Length

The stride length of this elliptical bike is 17″ and the weight capacity is 220 lbs that are fairly excellent at this price range. But if you desire an elliptical with extra stride length and weight capacity you should choose the sunny magnetic elliptical or Sunny Endurance 3875 elliptical.

The Pros

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable 2-way seat
  • LCD Console with more than 10 preset workouts
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Sturdy and oversized steel construction
  • Excellent design
  • 17″ stride length
  • Heart rate programs
  • Soft seat cushion

Last Verdict

If you look for the best elliptical under 300 with exciting features and quality, we recommend you this Sunny 2 in 1 elliptical bike. Probably you will be happy with this quality but low-cost fitness equipment.

5. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical 

The Cubii Pro under desk elliptical is a portable elliptical that provides you a low-impact cardiovascular workout when you remain seated while working.

This mini elliptical is made of steel and other high-quality materials. So, it will give you service for a couple of years. It has two oversized textured anti-slip foot pedals that allow you to place your feet comfortably.

This under-the-desk elliptical offers you a belt drive system with eight levels of magnetic resistance. So, your pedaling will be smoother and silent.

It supports wireless Bluetooth technology. So, you can connect your smart devices via the Fitbit app using the Bluetooth system.

Why people love under desk elliptical is it’s effortless to transport. You can take this equipment to your workplace and do cardio when you’re sitting with no work. As it’s a super-silent machine, you can even do your exercise while you’re busy in your office.

The Pros-

Compact and Portable Elliptical

Burn Up To 125 Calories/h

Whisper-Quiet Workout

Easy Pedaling

Best for Leg Exercise

The Cons-

Not Suitable for a full-body workout


If you expect the best elliptical under 300 dollars and don’t dislike mini elliptical, you can choose the Cuibii pro seated elliptical. It will value your money and effort.


If you’re going to find a quality elliptical under $300, you can consider the Stamina Inmotion elliptical. This low-cost elliptical offers you all features to make your workout comfortable and fruitful.

It’s one of the most durable fitness equipment while most ellipticals at this price range might frustrate you.

Many users prefer the portability of the elliptical for home use. Stamina in motion elliptical allows you to move your equipment in your home.

This best cheap elliptical allows you to exercise while sitting or standing. It’s a great option for a suitable workout.

The multitasking option of this fitness trainer makes your workout very interesting.

The stamina elliptical includes all the features you expect from the ellipticals under 300 dollars like standard handlebars, flywheel, transport wheels, extra-large foot-pedals, suitable stride length, improved display, and so on.


  • Useable while standing or sitting down;
  • 8-level intensity;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Almost quiet operation;
  • Highly portable;
  • Sturdy and smooth;
  • Multitasking option;
  • Useful and durable handlebars;
  • Larger
  • reverse-motion pedals
  • Excellent display.

The Cons

  • Some users aren’t happy with the stride.

Final Thought

This low cost elliptical is so much popular among the users. We’ve realized that there’re many reasons for this popularity. Finally, we recommend you to choose this elliptical. Hopefully. You’ll be happy with this top-rated elliptical and get perfect fitness.

7. Ncient Magnetic Elliptical

Ncient elliptical is also a very popular cheap elliptical around the world. Many users prefer this low cost elliptical, in terms of buying the best elliptical under $300.

The ncient comes with 8-level adjustable magnetic resistance. You probably know how important this feature for a smoother workout.

This best cheap elliptical for home use comes with an improved digital display that allows you to see the distance, time, speed, calories, and other workout stats.

Another good thing on this elliptical is its excellent pedals. It includes a larger non-slip elliptical that is fairly good at this price range. You’ll get a super pedaling experience with this elliptical.

This cheap elliptical features a 13″ stride length that allows people with up to 6′ height comfortable workouts.

Who doesn’t love a quiet driven elliptical? The ncient magnetic elliptical is almost silent while operating.

You may need to move your fitness equipment to different places in your home. This elliptical trainer is equipped with excellent transport wheels. So, you can move this machine where you want.

Another key consideration to choose the best elliptical under $300 is the flywheel. The flywheel is fairly standard at this price point. Therefore, you can enjoy an effective and smoother motion of the workout.

The Pros

  •  13″ stride length;
  • 8 resistance levels;
  •  Advances digital display;
  •  Larger pedals
  •  Transport wheels
  • Excellent customer service
  •  Excellent warranty
  •  Quiet operation
  •  Easy move
  •  Easy to assemble

The Cons

  • No backlit with the display;
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

Final thought

The ncient magnetic elliptical offers you all features you desire from a budget elliptical under $300. Therefore, you can buy this elliptical trainer for home use. We hope you’ll be satisfied with this elliptical machine.

8. ProForm 150i Elliptical

ProForm 150i elliptical is a midrange elliptical that offers you home workouts. This elliptical trainer comes with many excellent features at a low price.

The preform 150i elliptical has a sturdy frame that is such thing you don’t find in other low-cost elliptical trainers. This best cheap elliptical comes with 17″ stride length. Therefore, your height won’t an issue for your comfortable workout.

The Proform 150i elliptical has a great console that includes LCD monitor with backlit, 12 workout programs, iFit, and Bluetooth connectivity.

You know how useful the handlebars of an elliptical machine is; this low cost elliptical is equipped with both mobile and fixed handlebars.

This inexpensive elliptical has 12 resistance levels that make your workout much effective. Another good thing about this low cost home elliptical is its larger and non-slip foot pedals.

Proform 150i elliptical offers you an almost silent workout that makes your exercise enjoyable. If you expect more, you should consider Proform Endurance 720 E Elliptical.

The Pros-

  • 17” stride length;
  • 12 resistance levels;
  • Extended LCD display
  • EKG Heart rate monitor included
  • 12 workout apps
  • Larger pedals
  • Transportation wheels
  • Device holder and bottle holder included
  • iFit and Bluetooth supported
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Excellent warranty (5-year on frame and 3-month on parts & lab)
  • Easygoing arm handle grips
  • Stationary and mobile handlebars
  • Greater flywheel
  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Quite operation

 The Cons

  • Four D-batteries required to power the workout screen;
  • Required a paid subscription for iFit functionality .


The Proform 150i elliptical trainer comes with all features and benefits you expect from a mid-range elliptical. Therefore, it would be a beneficial investment for you to choose this best cheap elliptical machine for home use.

9. MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical

The Maxkare magnetic elliptical would be a great choice, when your budget is 200-300 dollars.


MaxKare elliptical comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance that offer you a smoother workout.


This cheap elliptical features an advanced LCD monitor. Therefore, you can see necessary workout stats like heart rate, time, speed, distance, calories burned, etc.

Foot Pedals

Maxkare magnetic elliptical is equipped with larger, non-slip, and durable foot pedals. So, you will experience safe and comfortable pedaling.


This low-cost elliptical comes with a double handlebars that is very useful for effective workouts.

Stride Length

The stride length of this elliptical is 14.17 inches that are fairly good at this price point. If your height isn’t over 6′ you can use this elliptical comfortably.

Bio-direction Move

Another reason to consider this best cheap elliptical is its bio-direction move. You can step the elliptical both forward and backward as you need while you exercise.

Ipad Holder

As an IPAD holder makes your exercise more interesting, the manufacturer ensures an IPAD holder with this home elliptical. So, you can watch any video while you’re exercising.


Maxkare comes with 11lbs flywheel that makes sure extra stable resistance.

This low-cost home elliptical allows you to move your equipment to the place you want at your home. Even, you can adjust the angle of this elliptical to the ground that offers you more secured workouts.

Low Operation Sound

You should look for an elliptical that produce little sound while operating. This elliptical offers you nearly silent operation.

The Pros

  • Digital monitor tracks;
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance;
  • 8-Level adjustable resistance;
  • Non-slip foot pedals;
  • Full motion handlebars;
  • Fairly Heavy flywheel;
  • Nearly Silent operation;
  • Excellent warranty
  • Easy assembly process

The cons

  • No backlit on display

Final Thought

A large number of users think that this Maxkare is the best elliptical under $300. We confidently recommend this home elliptical machine. We hope you’ll get a great elliptical experience.


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