Best Elliptical For Knee Problems

Many people love cardio workouts but find themselves in trouble just because of their knee problems. If you are one of them, this article is worth reading for you. Now, let me tell you, a quality elliptical can help you do effective workouts despite your knee pain. In this article, We will review the best elliptical for knee problems.

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Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review

Quick Overview

The Nautilus E618 elliptical is our top recommendation when you look for the best elliptical for knee problems. The E618 elliptical comes with22-inch stride length to tone your leg muscles more effectively without extra pressure on your knees.

This elliptical has 25 levels of magnetic resistance that makes your workout super smooth and comfortable. It also helps to improve your leg muscles without giving excessive pressure to the joints and ankles.

Nautilus E618 offers you some exclusive features that you hardly find in any home elliptical. This elliptical comes with 29 preset workout programs, a large backlit LCD, anti-slip larger foot pedals, handlebars with pulse sensors, and other features.

Nautilus E618 Features And Benefits

Stride Length

The Nautilus E618 magnetic elliptical machine provides you a 22-inch long stride length that ensures an intense workout within a short time. Many people consider this home workout machine as the best elliptical for athletes.

On the other hand, many users think about the best elliptical for knee or joints issues. The reason is, its 22-inch long stride length offers a low-impact workout.

Also, it is so much helpful to burn the lower belly fats by intense pedaling. People having long-height can get super smooth and comfortable striding from this elliptical machine.


When you get almost all the features from your fitness equipment, You will be glad and enjoy the workout on your fitness trainer. In this regard, the Nautilus E618 magnetic elliptical machine provides you almost all the necessary features and advantages to make your workouts more enjoyable. Especially the console of the Nautilus E618 provides you with lots of options that are super useful to focus on during exercise.

E618 elliptical comes with a large blue backlit LCD monitor to show all the necessary workout data like time, speed, distance, RPM, heart rate, and calories burning. There are many buttons integrated with the console for various programs also.

You will find 29 preset workout programs and also four user profiles with the console. That being the case, You will not be bored by following the workout programs while on the elliptical.

This elliptical with Bluetooth data sharing technology makes your workout experience more enthusiastic. Moreover, the console has a cooling fan and a speaker. That is something you will rarely find in any elliptical for home use.


People who love ellipticals with resistance systems will be glad for the E618 because it has 25 magnetic resistance levels. These levels of resistance will help to burn more calories and tone your muscles so effectively.

You can control the resistance settings by pressing the resistance buttons locating on the console. If you want to have a light workout, you have to decrease the resistance level. In opposite when you aim to burn more calories, you should increase the resistance levels gradually.

By customizing the resistance, you can improve your muscles by doing effective workouts. Moreover, the 30 pounds front-drive sturdy flywheel will provide you a smooth pedaling experience to be fit quickly.

Being noise-free fitness equipment, you can also listen to music and watch videos while your work out. And nobody will face any disturbance because of the noise-free operation of the equipment.

Handlebars And Pulse Sensors

If you desire a top-rated elliptical with handlebars and pulse sensors, this Nautilus elliptical can be a good option for you.

This home elliptical machine has two sets of handlebars – one movable and one fixed with the body of the equipment. The fixed handlebars have heart rate sensors to track your heart rate during a fitness workout. When you start pedaling of your elliptical holding the fixed handlebars, the heart rate sensors trace your heart rate. So, you can see the heart rate via the monitor of the console.

Also, you have another option to track your heart rate here. You can use a wireless chest strap for getting an accurate heart rate reading while your workouts.

Moreover, the movable handlebars provide you a decent upper body workout by which you can burn your upper body calories easily.

You can reduce belly fats and upper body fats by having an intense upper-body cardiovascular workout with movable handlebars. This is why when you make a list of the best elliptical for weight loss you probably can’t ignore the E618 elliptical. Another good thing is the rubber grip of the handlebars ensures you an anti-slip gripping experience for your workout.

Foot pedals

Another key consideration to choose the best elliptical for knee problems is to find the larger and non-slip foot pedals. The Nautilus E618 elliptical is equipped with two large cushioned anti-slip foot pedals. So, you’ll get better gripping during your fitness training.

The foot pedals can take any size of feet inside them. So you don’t need to be worried about the foot pedals of the equipment. These pedals provide you with super-smooth operation with the help of a 15-degree Incline system. You can adjust the ramp to approximately 15 degrees and stride the pedals increasing the resistance levels if you want a hard and intense fitness workout to tone your muscles so effectively. In a word, the foot pedals of the Nautilus E618 elliptical won’t make you depressed.


E618 elliptical machine has almost all the good qualities and features to provide you good workout experience. You will also get here accessory features. There is a bottle holder and a tablet tray equipped with this compact elliptical. You can put your tablets and smartphones on the tablet tray and listen to music or watch videos during your workout.

Therefore, this cross trainer might be so attractive to those who try to find an elliptical with a tablet holder and water bottle holder.

Dimension And Weight

Nautilus E618 elliptical is 52 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 22 inches high. Its weight is approximately 210 pounds. And it can weigh up to 350 pounds.

Stability And Transport

Being a heavy-weight elliptical machine, the Nautilus E618 provides you excellent stability while you’re on the elliptical. In this regard, there are three rubber gripped stabilizer bars integrated with the equipment. So, you’ll have no headache in terms of the stability of this home workout machine.

One downside is, you won’t find transport wheels with the elliptical machine. Therefore, it is a little bit difficult to move this elliptical.

Price And Warranty

E618 elliptical machine is not an inexpensive elliptical. If you desire to have a budget elliptical, don’t be unhappy. You’ll find some best ellipticals for under 1000 dollars. Even there are some best ellipticals under $300 to $700.

As the Nautilus E618 is a little bit high-priced elliptical, you will get 15 years warranty of the frame, 3 years warranty of the electronics, 3 years warranty of the mechanics, and a 1-year warranty of the labor. This warranty is pretty good in any mid-range elliptical.

Nautilus E618 elliptical Assembly

As usual, the assembly process of the Nautilus E618 elliptical machine is so easy. You just need to follow the instructions given with the manual and you can fully assemble the equipment within approximately an hour only.

Final Verdict

The Nautilus E618 elliptical machine is an amazing elliptical machine with a powerful incline system. Surely it is capable of ensuring you a hard and intense workout to tone your body muscles more effectively. Though having some come cons, the advantages of the equipment are many. So if you want a high-quality elliptical for home use for a long period, Nautilus E618 magnetic elliptical is worth considering.

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