Ativafit Mini Elliptical With Handlebar Review for 2021

A mini elliptical with handlebar is so effective to get a low impact cardiovascular lower body workout at home and office together. If you are getting bored and desire to have a decent lower body workout while watching TV at home and working in your office then a mini elliptical machine won’t frustrate you. The Ativafit under desk elliptical is very popular among people who love mini elliptical with handlebar.

This under desk elliptical offers you some features that you’ll love. If you’re looking for an under desk elliptical with a handlebar and don’t want to break the bank, then Ativafit under desk elliptical bike would be a great choice for you. In this article, I’ll cover all the key features and benefits along with its downside. Let’s have a look –

Ativafit Mini Elliptical With Handlebar Review In Detail

Key Features and Benefits

Handlebars and Stability

The Ativafit Under Desk Elliptical Machine is having lightweight to carry anywhere easily. You will find a decent handlebar to relocate the machine comfortably at your home and office as your desire. Moreover, the Ativafit portable elliptical is integrated with a strong stabilizer bar with rubber gripping. The rubber grip ensures you more stability in your workout.

There is also a rare metallic plate to get outstanding stability while your workout. Besides, you can use a rubber mat and keep the machine on the rubber mat to get more stability.

Stride length

Ativafit elliptical bike comes with 7inches stride length that is pretty good in a desk elliptical. This stride length offers you comfortable pedaling. If you expect more stride length, Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical would be a great option for you.


There is a small console, equipped with the Ativafit pedal exerciser. The console has a good readable LCD monitor to show the necessary workout stats. You can see 6 types of workout information through the console like time, speed, distance, count, total count, calories burning. There are no pre-installed workout programs with the console. So you need to fix your workout process by creating a routine.

Moreover, the heart rate sensor is missing from the console. Consequently, you cannot trace your heart rate while you working out on the equipment. But considering the price of the equipment and comparing itself with the other under desk elliptical machines, the lack of the above this feature is usual and quite acceptable.

Foot pedals

The Ativafit Under Desk Elliptical machine is offering you two excellent large textured anti-slip foot pedals with plastic borders.

These foot pedals can accommodate any size of foot shape because of their huge size. The quality of the pedals is amazing. You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable workout by pedaling the machine.


Ativafit desk elliptical has 8 levels of resistance for the betterment of your workout. This amazing elliptical machine has a magnetic resistance system. So it doesn’t make a noise like the air resistance system. As a result, it will make no disturbance in your official works. Also, you will find a tension knob under the console. If you turn the knob clockwise, you will feel hard resistance and if you turn the knob anticlockwise, you will feel resistance reduction. Thus you can customize the resistance to get a decent workout as your willing. Overall considering the price, you should be pleased with the resistance system.

Dimension and Weight

The Ativafit Under Desk Elliptical Machine is not heavy workout equipment. It has a decent size to place easily at your home and office. The dimension of the equipment is 22.4″ X19.7″ X51.2″. Moreover, it is lightweight fitness equipment to move it comfortably. It is capable of bearing approximately 220 pounds of user weight at a time. So you don’t need to be concerned about its weight-bearing capability. Also, you can have your workout by standing where the other elliptical machines don’t allow this.

 Price and Warranty

This portable mini elliptical is available at a low cost. You can buy this cool machine from amazon at approximately under $150. I think in this price range, you will find no other elliptical machine offering all those above features. From the budget consideration, you may purchase this elliptical bike without any hesitation.

One downside of this pedal exerciser is it offers no warranty. The manufacturer should focus on this.


You can assemble this low-cost mini elliptical within a few minutes. Almost all the parts remain preassembled. You just need to follow the instructions given with the equipment to fully assemble the elliptical trainer.

Final Thought

The Ativafit mini elliptical comes with handlebars, a decent console, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, excellent foot pedals, and some other praise-worthy features users love. If you want an inexpensive quality mini elliptical, it would be a good decision to go for it.

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